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Live Streaming #googleio2012 #io12

27 June, 2012

Yeah!!! Jellybean, sweet..... Image

How to Apply US L-1 VISA

22 July, 2011

I also have done this long time ago, just have time to write today :) Yes busy busy time at the office. Definition So let's start with US L…

How to Get International Driving License in Indonesia

19 July, 2011

It is very simple and quick. But you have to have local Indonesian Driving License already. The International Driving License itself was…

Selamat Datang Putera Puteri Ter-xxx

24 May, 2011

Selalu ada kejahilan dari para senior menyambut mahasiswa baru memasuki Gerbang Ganesha untuk pertama kalinya... Pas liat kata-kata sambutan…

Free Android Phone Memory with Linux link -s

23 May, 2011

Source: Although there is a2sd, that keeps the apks on the sd-ext some files are stored on…

One of Two Documents Required Arrives

23 May, 2011

I just checked the Fedex tracking system, seems that one of two documents required already arrives. Hope the other requirement will also be…