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Build Serverless Web App with AWS AppSync & AWS Amplify

09 November, 2019

AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify makes it easy for anyone to build Web Application (or iOS/Android Applications) without having to manage the…

Building Mirantis Fuel OpenStack Lab – Part 1

26 June, 2015

Mirantis Fuel is an Open Source OpenStack cloud based deployment automation tool initially developed by Mirantis. This tool allows…

How To Run Android App On Your PC

03 April, 2015

I keep my phone's app curated, I don't install unnecessary app. In the same time, I still need some redundant app like Telegram & Whatsapp…

GraphML to Python Topology Code

07 February, 2015

I just read this interesting project on a tool to convert GraphML topology into usable Python code to be simulated with Mininet and OpenFlow…

5K with no food/water

30 June, 2014

June report: 129.3 km 9,517 cal Tested: can do 5k without water ✌️ - at Bluebonnet Trail At Cross Of Spring Creek And Parkwood View on Path

Aimee goes to Gym

12 June, 2014

Ninong's tricep drill 😅 - with Maya Dewi at Hunters Creek neighborhood View on Path